A Record of Those Who Have Gone

Construction of The Graveyard by Ben Nicholson and Cordelia Rose, July 2005.

The Graveyard, comprised of a spiral stone formation
Photo courtesy Ben Nicholson.

For a complete account of the trip, please click here.

A rescue mission, June 2005.

Drying out the magazines after the flood. Photo courtesy Sarah Schumacher

Sarah and Nicole at Cabinetlandia. Photo courtesy Sarah Schumacher

Extreme Weather: floods reak havoc in Cabinetlandia, February 2005.

Photo courtesy Steve Rowell.

Photo courtesy Steve Rowell.

Cabinetlandia recieves its first official visitors, January 2005.

The Armendarizes at the Library. Photo courtesy Kristal Armendariz

Page one of the Guestbook. Photo courtesy Kristal Armendariz

The Librarians play desert tennis, July 2004. (for a complete history of the Library, please see Cabinetlandia Update No. 2 in issue 16 and visit www.rebargroup.org, Matthew Passmore's detailed site on the Library Project.)

Photo courtesy Matthew Passmore

Photo courtesy Matthew Passmore

Photo courtesy Matthew Passmore

The first to go, July 2003. (for a more detailed account of this trip, please visit Cabinetlandia Update No. 1 in issue 12)

Sina Najafi digging a hole for Luke Murphy's uranium

The uranium site's marker