Cabinet at Proteus Gowanus

Cabinet will be contributing to Proteus Gowanus, a new Brooklyn-based exhibition venue and reading room near the Gowanus Canal. Cabinet has been assigned an enormous early twentieth-century safe (weighing 4 tons!) for the display of Cabinet’s publications and unlimited editions. Additionally, with each new issue, Cabinet will organize a micro-exhibition related to something featured in the issue. Cabinet's contributions to Proteus Gowanus will be overseen by Chaya Thanhauser.

The first exhibition is of Louise Harpman and Scott Specht's coffee lid collection featured in issue 19.

Drink-Through Coffee Lids. Photo Sasha Chavchavadze. Courtesy Collection of Harpman & Specht

Proteus Gowanus is located at 543 Union St, Brooklyn (enter on Nevins side of building). Hours are Thursday and Friday 4-7, and Saturday and Sunday, 12-6.

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