Winter Film Follies

­­­­Location: Cabinet, 300 Nevins Street, Brooklyn
Date­: December 18, 2008 ­
Time: 7-9pm
FREE. No RSVP necessary. Organized by David Serlin, Brian Selznick, and Giovanna Chesler. ­

This evening of films brings together a collection of remarkable short films to warm the viscera on a cold December evening. The program will include both archival and contemporary films, including:

"Introduction from Logan’s Run" (USA, 1976), directed by Michael Anderson. 4 min.

"In the House of the Sin Eater" (USA, 2006), an atmospheric and award-winning short with live-action puppetry based on an ancient Welsh legend, performed and directed by Matthew Acheson and Paul Kloss. 20 min.

"Dolores Kinsella’s Wonderful World of Baking" (USA, 2007), a wonderful short fantasia from the pages of 1960s baking literature, directed by Kelly Hayes and K.J. Mohr. 7 min.

"Entr’acte" (France, 1924), an amazing Surrealist short collaboration between director René Clair and artist Francis Picabia. 24 min.

Klaus Nomi's “The Cold Song” (1982), from the documentary The Nomi Song: The Klaus Nomi Odyssey (USA, 2004), directed by Andrew Horn. 5 min.

Cinema pioneer Georges Méliès’s most famous film, "A Trip to the Moon" (France, 1902), with live narration by Brian Selznick. 15 min.

"Philips Broadcast of 1938" (Holland, 1938), a breathtaking early musical short from the puppetry studios of George Pal. 5 min.

"The Red Balloon" (France, 1956), the Academy Award-winning short about the perils of inflatable toys in postwar Paris by Albert Lamorisse. 35 min.



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