6 February 2020

Dear reader,

In the last few days of last year, a new feature was installed on our website: logins! This was a very complicated addition to our site but it is finally done and dusted. The new feature allows two nifty new things:

First, anyone with an active subscription can log in and access articles from recent issues that are behind our paywall. All the non-sold-out issues are now entirely online. Going forward all our issues will be immediately available to subscribers via the login system.

The login is also needed to buy anything from our shop. From now on, customers can login and see what they have purchased in the past, renew any subscriptions, as well as change their address. They also have an address book for recent purchases. We do not store any customer’s credit card info, and we have a zero-knowledge password system, so their data is safe.

As you may know, we announced in 2018 that starting with issue 69, we would be moving to a digital magazine format. The last year has seen us have a supernaturally long break from publishing issues, in part thanks to the many gruesome hours spent updating our website. The hiatus is coming to an end! We are still going to publish three print issues this year, starting with issue 66, before we transition to our digital magazine format.

Subscriptions are now available for both the remaining print issues and the forthcoming digital issues! If you would like to subscribe to our digital edition, please note that your subscription will “start” with issue 69; however, you’ll have access to digital versions of our new issues in the meantime. Instead of following our current quarterly production cycle, the digital magazine will be published monthly, so if you subscribe for a one-year subscription, you’ll be subscribing for twelve issues. You can visit our subscriptions page for more information.

If you still have any questions, please reach out to us at shop@cabinetmagazine.org or at + 1 718 2228434 ext 1.

With best wishes for 2020,
The Cabinetmakers