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Issue 11 Flight Summer 2003

Table of Contents

The eleventh issue of Cabinet is 128 pages and features a special section on "Flight," which includes an audio CD. Artist projects include fold-out cover flaps by Luca Buvoli and Ester Partegàs and work by Jonathan Herder, Emilie Clark, Michael Ross, Julianne Swartz, Roger Andersson, Nedko Solakov, and Hans Wilschut.

Columns Main Flight And
  • Front Flap / Promotional Supplement for "Flying-Practical Training for Intermediates"
    Luca Buvoli
  • Back Flap / Homeless (#2)
    Ester Partegàs
  • Postcard 1 / Boeing 747-400
    Andrea Legge
  • Postcard 2 / Arguably Incompatible State Prides
    Brian McMullen and Steven Villereal
  • Bookmark
    Richard Massey
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