Winter 2006–2007

Artist Project / Eye Drawings

Jochem Hendricks


All images from artist Jochem Hendricks’s “Eye Drawings” series, 1992-1993. These apparently frenetic drawings were in fact made by Hendricks directly with his eyes as he read or examined a bill, receipt, or, in one case, a blank sheet of paper. Hendricks tracks the movements of his eyes by wearing a special helmet equipped with infra-red sensors that follow the movements of each eye. The location of any point on which the eye rests for at least a hundredth of a second is recorded sequentially as a coordinate on the X and Y axes. These points are then connected by straight lines, each eye yielding a drawing.

Jochem Hendricks is an artist based in Frankfurt. His work has been exhibited at Gropiusbau Berlin; Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt; and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, among other venues. For more information, visit