Issue 44 24 Hours Winter 2011/12

Table of Contents

  • Ingestion / Back From the Dead
    James Fergusson
    Sir Jack Drummond’s life-saving mixture
  • Legend / Three Women
    Wayne Koestenbaum
    What we did
  • Inventory / To Do
    Molly Gottstauk
    Scripting the self
  • Colors / Blue
    Tom McCarthy
    A partial genealogy
  • Adventure on the Vertical
    Mark Dorrian
    Powers of Ten and the mastery of space by vision
  • This Is the End of the Sixties!
    David Morris
    Recalling the “Schizo-Culture” slugfest
  • The Hidden Persuader
    Christopher Turner
    Ernest Dichter, the “Freud of Madison Avenue”
  • Shapes with the Sound of Their Own Making
    Aura Satz
    The many resonances of the Chladni plate
  • Pitufo Blues
    Jonathan Allen
    What the Smurfs did to Júzcar
  • New York ♥ Jubrique!
    A symbolic exchange
  • Faking out the Fatheads
    John Strausbaugh
    Jean Shepherd’s I, Libertine hoax
24 Hours
  • Introduction
  • What I Did over the Last 24 hours
    Jonathan Ames
  • Afternoon, County Mayo, Ireland
    Sandow Birk
  • Living after Time: A Primer
    Mary Walling Blackburn
  • November 10, 2011
    D. Graham Burnett
  • Day 175: Light on a 90-Minute Cycle
    Luca Buvoli
  • Speed of Light
    Tim Davis
  • Conversation Excerpts
    Mariana Castillo Deball
  • November 6th: The Town Crier
    Elizabeth Demaray
  • Tom’s Hat
    Jeff Dolven
  • Cannon, Tiber, Turtle, Venus
    Leland de la Durantaye
  • Evening Late Afternoon
    Lee Etheredge IV
  • Trying to Understand Daylight Saving Time
    Spencer Finch
  • Mediating Time
    Amelie Hastie
  • Night
    Valerie Hegarty
  • The Hours: A Guide for Synesthetes
    Shelley Jackson
  • On Why Soup Is So Bad for Diurnal Rhythms
    Sally O'Reilly
  • Interstices
    Danica Phelps
  • The Other 3:00
    George Prochnik
  • NIGHT. “MOOD.”
    Frances Richard
  • October 15, 2011
    Peter Rostovsky
  • AM PM
    David Scher
  • Notes for the Disjunction of Time
    Mario Garcia Torres
  • Day Four
    Margaret Wertheim
  • Chronophilia
    Tirdad Zolghadr
  • Postcard / A Diplomatic Mission
  • Bookmark / Time’s Fly
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