Issue 56 Sports Winter 2014/15

Table of Contents

  • Inventory / On The Dot
    Sasha Archibald
    The patchwork beauty of mouches
  • Colors / Off-White
    Matthea Harvey
    Trembling at the edge
  • Ingestion / Like Bees to Honey
    Mary Kosut and Lisa Jean Moore
    From honey laundering to artisanal apiculture
  • Legend / Underwear Quatrains
    Wayne Koestenbaum
    A presentiment of mourning
  • Architectural Transplantations
    Adam Jasper
    The Palladian villa in Liberia
  • A Packed Theater
    Augusto Corrieri
    Salvaging Munich’s Residenztheater
  • Artist Project / Dust Rainbow-Rainbow Dust
    Santiago Borja
  • Collapse
    Carol Mavor
    A few words on middleness
  • Buster Keaton's Cure
    Charlie Fox
    The long twilight of a silent star
  • Pantone Beaver
    Rachel Poliquin
    This gland is your gland
  • Episodes in the Life of Bounce
    Carlin Wing
    Playing with a rubber ball
  • On the Ball
    D. Graham Burnett
    A global roundtable
  • Keeping Score
    Christopher J. Phillips
    Accounting for America’s pastime
  • Gutted
    Hal Foster
    The sacrificial ritual of soccer
  • Being the Wave
    Stefan Helmreich
    Bodies and breakers at the seaside
  • Vamos Rogelio!
    Leland de la Durantaye
    A love story
  • Muscle and Mind
    Jeffrey Kastner
    The bygone culture of the Olympics
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