Issue 60 Containers Winter 2015–2016

Table of Contents

  • Leftovers / Devil’s Dust
    Hanna Rose Shell
    What remains of shoddy
  • Sentences / The Cunning of Destruction
    Brian Dillon
    Elizabeth Hardwick’s exquisite diffidence
  • Colors / Turquoise
    Namwali Serpell
    A liberal arts education
  • Inventory / Who’s Who
    Contributors Inc.
    The women and men of Cabinet
  • Notes toward a History of Skywriting
    D. Graham Burnett
    A language of the air
  • The Library in a Nutshell
    Daniel Rosenberg
    Crazy encounters, impossible juxtapositions, and magical gluttony
  • Artist Project / Wor(th)ship
    Tassos Vrettos
    Ad hoc spaces of devotion in Athens; introduction by George Prochnik
  • Poor, Righteous Teachers
    Matthew Spellberg
    The men who are Gods
  • George Berkeley in America
    Chris Townsend
    The philosopher’s New World adventure
  • Being Double
    Michael Marder
    A bag in a bag in a bag
  • Thinking inside the Box: An Interview with Gerhard Wolf
    Sina Najafi and Gerhard Wolf
    The poetics and aesthetics of containment
  • The Barbers of the Villes
    Richard Fleming
    The container and Haitian tonsorial art
  • Packaged Care
    Nina Delgado
    American relief in a box
  • The Handle
    Georg Simmel
    Between the vessel and the world
  • Bringing the Drugstore Home: An Interview with Deanna Day
    Jeffrey Kastner and Deanna Day
    Patient labor, scientific motherhood, and the development of the medicine cabinet
  • Boxing in Brooklyn
    Juli Brandano
    Our borough’s mighty contributions to the packaging industry
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