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Winter 2000–2001


Leftovers / The Bone Trade

Gregory Whitehead and Walter Sculley

The Clean Room / Producing Surgery on the Internet: Is the Rectum a Cinema?

David Serlin

Colors / Bice

Jonathan Ames

Ingestion / A Personal Gastronomic Alphabet: Part I, A–H

Allen S. Weiss


Is Chance Possible?: An Interview with Robert Kaplan

Sina Najafi and Robert Kaplan

Not Just for Silver Foxes

Louisa Kamps

Bingo in Swedish Is Bingo: An Interview with Krister Fredriksson

Mats Bigert and Krister Fredriksson

21 Aphorisms

John Roberts

Marilyn Monroe and I

Jesse Lerner

Marilyn Monroe y yo

Fernando Sampietro

Trickster Eye

Frances Richard

Stalk Photography

Gregory Williams


David Batchelor

The City

Justine Kurland

The Encryption Wars: An Interview with Eben Moglen

Jay Worthington and Eben Moglen

The Love-Bug

Luke Murphy

Anachronistic Modernism

Tan Lin

1485.0 kHz

Carl Michael von Hausswolff, assisted by M. S. C. Harding

My Mother, My Medium

Jon Dryden

Invented Languages

Speaking Martian

Daniel Rosenberg

The Alien Argot of the Avant-Garde

Christian Bök

Special CD Insert / abs TruCt heh GarBagt

Charles Bernstein, Christian Bök, and Steve McCaffery

Himalayan Journal

Xu Bing

Öyvind Fahlström’s Aviary

A. S. Bessa

Esperanto: An Interview with Sabira Ståhlberg

Nina Katchadourian and Sabira Ståhlberg


Inadvertent Memory

Laura Kurgan

NATO as Architectural Critic

Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss

Belgrade Architecture and the War

Vladimir Kulic

Something Where There Should Be Nothing

Renata Salecl



Luke Murphy


David Scher


David Scher

Web Extras

Recordings of numbers stations
Peter Lew
A sample from the radio play Fåglar i Sverige
Öyvind Fahlström
Recordings of the voices of the dead (part one and part two)
Friedrich Jürgenson
A song in Esperanto
Jormat kaj Natasa
Complete transcript of “The Encryption Wars: An Interview with Eben Moglen”
Jay Worthington and Eben Moglen
Update on the encryption wars
Jay Worthington