Issue 37 Bubbles Spring 2010

Table of Contents

  • Inventory / Keep It Déclassé
    Colby Chamberlain
    The world according to the Surrealists
  • Colors / Green
    Paul Maliszewski
    A bill of goods
  • Ingestion / Folded Allegories
    Daniel Birnbaum
    Unfurling to infinity
  • Leftovers / The Art of Mechanical Reproduction
    Yara Flores
    Pointing toward the future of the book
  • Buried Alive
    Christopher Turner
    At home with the Collyer Brothers
  • Artist Project / The Plan
    Michael Schmelling
  • Good-Night Lyudi
    Kevin McCann
    The fate of “schizophrenic language student” Louis Wolfson
  • Bachelor Pad Revolution
    Eva Díaz
    Josef Albers and the Command Records look
  • Hot on the Trail
    Thomas A. P. Van Leeuwen
    The culinary genius of Alexis Soyer
  • Barrier Is Everywhere
    Jocko Weyland
    Block and yaw
  • Decolonize Your Park
    Jennifer Doyle
    Fútbol Angeleño, on the run
  • Changing the Pictures
    Owen Hatherley
    What’s left of London’s political murals
  • Artist Project / Prison Landscapes
    Alyse Emdur
  • Pop Art
    Jonathan Allen
    Inflationary aesthetics
  • The Soul Is a Trapped Gas
    Justin E. H. Smith
    The pneuma world order
  • Up, Up, and Away
    Gordon Matta-Clark
    Letters from an aspiring balloonist
  • Harpo’s Bubbles
    Wayne Koestenbaum
    The empty, the transparent, the unresolvable, the stacked-up, and the lit
  • Two Bubbles, and a Third
    D. Graham Burnett
    All must inevitably burst
  • What Do Bubbles Taste Like?: An Interview with David Arnold
    Eben Klemm and David Arnold
    AHHHH, and then ERRRRR
  • Postcard / Bubble Trouble
    A public appeal
  • Bookmark / Bubblegum Pink
    A fateful decision
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