Exhibition /
“Get Rid of Yourself”

In July 2003, Cabinet participated in a two-part exhibition at the ACC Galerie in Weimar, Germany, and at Halle 124 in Leipzig, Germany. Cabinet’s presentation was based on the two land projects in New Mexico and Queens presented in Issue 10 (“Property”).

The exhibitions closed in late October, after a two-week extension. Other participants in the group included Matthew Buckingham, Bernadette Corporation, eteam, NYC Surveillance Camera Players, Michael Rakowitz, Anne-Marie Schleiner/Brody Condon/retroyou u.a., 16 Beaver Group, Temporary Services, and Picture Projects & the 360-Degree Team. For further information, see the ACC Galerie’s site here and Halle 124’s site here.

The exhibition was subsequently shown at Lothringer 13, a city-funded exhibition venue in Munich, between 5 December 2003 and 15 February 2004.