Fall/Winter 2003


The Clean Room / SARS Poetica

David SerlinIllness, fashion, and the branding of epidemics

Thing / No. 1

David Byrne, Nib Westingford, and Todd WiderYour guess is as good as ours!

Leftovers / Love Locks

Deborah LutzAmorous hair jewelry

Colors / Chartreuse

Lynne TillmanGlimmering vile and beautiful


Terrain Vague

Jeff BylesThe sublime art of demolition

Artist Project / Collateral Damage

Gianni MottiOh, what a lovely war

Ethereal Body: The Quest for Ectoplasm

Marina WarnerSeeing is believing

Totality: The Color of Eclipse

Anne CarsonIn the uncanny shadow of the moon

Darkness Visible

Tom VanderbiltSuperblack, the blackest black of all

A National Automobile for a National Economy

Michael StevensonMonocultures, motorcars, and New Zealand’s Trekka experiment


Paul CollinsTurning back the clock on timetables

Presidential Doodles

Jonathan AmesSometimes a missile is just a missile

Cabinetlandia: Update No. 1

Sina NajafiNotes from Luna County

The Enemy

The Ontology of the Enemy: An Interview with Peter Galison

Sina Najafi and Peter GalisonThe battlefield and cybernetic vision

Listening for the Enemy

Brian DillonThe sound mirrors of Dungeness

Night Lights

Mats BigertEindhoven in the shadows of the Protector Lamp

Artist Project / Taliban

Thomas DworzakThe intimate enemy

The Past Is in Flames: An Interview with Rebecca Knuth

Jeffrey Kastner and Rebecca KnuthThe destruction of books as a tool of war

Paper Bullets: An Interview with Herbert A. Friedman

John Peffer and Herbert A. FriedmanOn the history of airborne propaganda

Artist Project / Narrative of Sdurn

The Speculative ArchiveDocuments from the US espionage den

The Losers: An Interview with Wolfgang Schivelbusch

Sina Najafi, Jay Worthington, and Wolfgang SchivelbuschToward a philosophy of defeat

Annals of a Fortress

Jay WorthingtonTwenty-two centuries of sieges, as seen from Viollet-le-Duc’s La Roche Pont

Fighting Words

A selection of quotes on the enemy

Artist Project / Birds of Freedom

Justine KurlandTamil tigresses

New Model Army: An Interview with Michael van Lent

Jay Worthington and Michael van LentComputer gaming and the future of military training

Burning Down the House: The German-Japanese Village

An ArchitekturWorld War II bomb testing in Utah

Talking to My Old Science Teacher about Drawings in which I Killed Him

Brian McMullen and Mr. HawkinsBusiness Reply Mail abuse, beard theory, and makeshift gallows


Postcard 1 / News

Joy GarnettMixed media

Postcard 2 / Taliban-Modified Street Sign

Thomas DworzakNothing to see here

Bookmark / How to Make a Shrunken Head

Fia BackströmA lesser-known twelve-step program