Spring 2005

Artist Project / Laughter, Interrupted (Malicious)

Tied to the tracks

Matt Freedman

Matt Freedman, Laughter type: malicious, 2005.*

* Text reads: Cousin Finona (played by your finger), has rejected your amorous advances. You are thus denied the woman you love and your right to her vast estates. You are mad with loss and greed. If Fiona dies, no one else will ever possess her and you may claim her family fortune. You knock Fiona out with your walking stick, truss her up and stick her on the railroad tracks. The lonesome whistle of the 5:12 from Rockford echoes through the Pinewoods. A peal of malicious laughter breaks from your lips. Revenge is sweet! You hear the distant pounding of Flitterfoot, the horse of Fiona’s lover Captain Jack Strongboy. Can he save the day?

You can assemble the elements of this tableau. Draw Fiona’s face on your middle finger and cut out and tape her curly golden hair to the tip. Cut out the hole in the tracks and stick your finger through. Cut out and install evil mustachios in your nose. Assemble and install train and pinewoods. Laugh maliciously.

Matt Freedman is an artist and writer based in Queens, New York.

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