Summer 2006

Artist Project / Intrusion Mobile

Rest uneasy

David Miles

Materials Needed
craft knife or scalpel, scissors, (invisible) thread, glue, length of wire or thin dowel (approx. 20 cm), pin, hook

1. Cut out the three elements (tip: remove inner spaces before cutting out whole piece). Use a pin to pierce holes in white spots for threading.

2. Lay the three elements and the wire support on a flat surface in their respective positions and distances away from each other (see the thumbnail on the front of this page). Make sure the sleeping man is in the center. Cut lengths of thread and connect elements to the support. A simple knot will suffice.

3. Attach another thread to the centre of the support for hanging. Once suspended, the positions of the elements can be adjusted to get the right balance, and then fixed into position with a touch of glue.

To do this on your own, you can print out a PDF of this artist project here.

David Miles is an artist who lives and worries in Brighton, England. He has shown his work in Europe, North America, and South America. For more information visit [link defunct—Eds.].

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