Summer 2001

A Guide to Acronyms Used in this Issue of Cabinet


AAAS American Association of Atmospheric Science
AAAS Advanced Aircraft Armament System
AAAS American Academy of Arts and Sciences
AAAS American Association for the Advancement of Science
AAAS Armored Antiaircraft System

AD Anno Domini
AD Advertisement
AD Aviation Machinist’s Mate
AD Access Denied
AD Accession Document
AD Accidental Death
AD Acknowledgement Due
AD Active Directory ­
AD Active Duty
AD Activity Director
AD Activity Discard
AD Activity Driver
AD Adaptive Development
AD Address Data
AD Administrative Domain
AD Advance Development
AD Advanced Deployability
AD Advanced Development
AD Affinity Diagram
AD After Date
AD After Death
AD After Deployment
AD After Divestiture
AD Aggregate Demand
AD Agility Dog
AD Air Division
AD Air Dried
AD Airworthiness Directive
AD Alarm Data
AD Alternating Direct
AD Alternating Directly
AD Alzheimer’s Disease
AD Analog-to-Digital
AD Analysis of Dispersion
AD Ancillary Device
AD Ante Diem
AD Antidisturbance
AD Aperture Card Diazo
AD Aperture Door
AD Applicable Document
AD Application Data
AD Application Developer
AD Application Development
AD Application Directory
AD Architectural Design
AD Archive Device
AD Area Defense
AD Armament Division
AD As Drawn
AD Asperger’s Disorder
AD Assembly District
AD Assembly Drawings
AD Assistant Director
AD Assistant Driller
AD Athletic Director
AD Attack Director
AD Attitude Determination
AD Authorized Dealers
AD Authorized Delay
AD Authorized Distributor
AD Automated Data
AD Automatic Damper
AD Automatic Depressurization
AD Autonomous Domain
AD Auxiliary Destroyer Tender
AD Auxiliary Drain
AD Average Deviation
AD Aviation Division

AEC Acoustic Echo Canceler
AEC Advanced Error Correction
AEC Aegis Education Center
AEC Aerial Experimental Component
AEC AFSCN Executive Council
AEC Agriculture Executive Council
AEC Alternate Equipment Custodian
AEC Aluminum Extruders Council
AEC Architecture, Engineering & Construction
AEC Area Equipment Compound
AEC ARS Electronica Center
AEC Assessment of Equipment Condition
AEC Atomic Energy Commission
AEC Automated Electronic Classroom
AEC Automatic Edge Control
AEC Automatic Exposure Control
AEC Aviation Electronics Combat

AFDC Aid to Families with Dependent Children
AFDC Association For Forest Development and Conservation
AFDC Alternative Fuels Data Center
AFDC Atlanta Flying Disc Club
AFDC Association of Canadian Faculties of Dentistry
AFDC Angel Fluff Diaper Company
AFDC Alternative Fuels Data Center
AFDC Axial Flux Difference

AFL-CIO American Federation of Labor / Congress of Industrial Organizations

AOL America Online, Inc.
AOL Absent Over Leave
AOL Acronym Over Load
AOL Application Object Library

BAD Bush Affect Disorder
BAD Bank Avalized Draft
BAD Bathymetric Archive Data
BAD Behind-Armor Debris
BAD Big Audio Dynamite
BAD British Association of Dermatologists
BAD Broadband Access Device
BAD Broken As Designed

BC Before Christ
BC British Columbia
BC Back Connected
BC Back Cover
BC Back Crawl
BC Backward Compatibility
BC Bad Character
BC Baja California
BC Bank Controller
BC Bank of Canada
BC Base Communications
BC Battery Charger
BC Battery Commander
BC Battle Command
BC Battle Cruiser
BC Bay City
BC Beach Club
BC Bearer Capability
BC Beavercreek
BC Before Contract
BC Benton Central
BC Best Cost
BC Beta Cam
BC Betty Crocker
BC Big Cheese
BC Bill Clinton
BC Binary Code
BC Binary Counter
BC Bit Contiguous
BC Blind Copy
BC Block Check
BC Block Counter
BC Body Count
BC Bone Conduction
BC Booty Call
BC Border Collie
BC Boston College
BC Bottom Contour Chart
BC Brazosport College
BC Breaking Capacity
BC Broadcast Control
BC Budget Code
BC Budgetary Cost
BC Building Code
BC Building Code
BC Bunched Cables
BC Bundling Constraint
BC Buoyancy Compensator
BC Burger Continental
BC Buried Channel
BC Buried Collector
BC Burroughs Corporation
BC Burst Committed
BC Bus Controller
BC Business Continuity

CEO Chief Executive Officer
CEO Casualty Evacuation Officer
CEO Center for Earth Observation
CEO Chief Entertainment Officer
CEO Christmas and Easter Only
CEO Code Enforcement Officer
CEO Council of Economic Advisors

CIA Central Intelligence Agency
CIA Call Initiate Answer
CIA Canadian Infantry Association
CIA Canadian Institute of Actuaries
CIA Cash In Advance
CIA Cedartown Insurance Agency
CIA Celestial Intervention Agency
CIA Central Intelligence Access
CIA Certified Internal Auditor
CIA Channels of the Internet Age
CIA Chemical Industries Association
CIA Chemiluminescence Immunoassay
CIA Christians In Action
CIA Christmas In April
CIA Classical IP over ATM
CIA Cleveland Institute of Art
CIA Collagen-Induced Arthritis
CIA Complex Interface Adapter
CIA Computer Industry Almanac, Inc.
CIA Computer Information Agency
CIA Computer Interface Adapter
CIA Consumer Information Act
CIA Control Indicator Assembly
CIA Cotton Insurance Association

CSU Colorado State University
CSU Channel Service Unit
CSU California State University
CSU Capilano College Student Union
CSU Central Switch Unit
CSU Channel Sharing Unit
CSU Circuit Switching Unit
CSU Computer Software Unit
CSU Connecticut State University
CSU Control Status Unit
CSU Control Synchronization Unit
CSU Conventional Signals Upgrade
CSU Customer Service Unit
CSU Customer Setup

DC District of Columbia
DC Direct Current
DC Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine
DC Damage Controlman
DC Daimler Chrysler
DC Damage Control
DC Damaged Cybernetics
DC Data Center
DC Data Collection
DC Data Collector
DC Data Communication
DC Data Control
DC Daughters of Charity
DC Dawson Creek
DC Dead Center

DDR Deutsche Demokratische Republik
DDR Daily Demand Rate
DDR Daily Document Register
DDR Dance Dance Revolution
DDR DASD Dump and Restore
DDR Data Direction Register
DDR Deficiency and Disposition Report
DDR Detailed Design Review
DDR Dial-on-Demand Routing
DDR Digital Data Recorder
DDR Disposition Decision Review
DDR Double Data Rate
DDR Driver’s Defect Report
DDR Dual Dial Restore
DDR Dual Doppler Radar
DDR Dual-Depletion Region

DoD Department of Defense
DOD Direct Outward Dial(ing)
DOD Date Of Death
DOD Date of Delivery
DOD Date Of Discharge
DOD Day of Defeat
DOD Dear Old Dad
DOD Delivery of Deed
DOD Depth Of Discharge
DOD Depth Over Diameter
DOD Dial on Demand
DOD Died Of Disease
DOD Digital On Demand
DOD Director Of Development
DOD Do Or Die
DOD Drink Or Die
DOD Drop On Demand

EBN Emergency Broadcast Network
EBN Electronic Buyer’s News
EBN European Backbone Network
EBN Evidence-Based Nursing
EBN End Building Node

FOIA Freedom of Information Act

FM Frequency Modulation
FM Facility Manager
FM Facility/File Maintenance
FM Facing Matter
FM Factory Model
FM Factory Mutual
FM Fairbanks-Morse
FM Family Medicine
FM Fault Management
FM Femtometer
FM Fermium
FM Fibromyalgia
FM Field Maintenance
FM Field Manual
FM Field Marshal
FM Field Modification
FM Financial Management
FM Fire Mission
FM Fiscal Management
FM Flexible Manufacturing
FM Floor Manager
FM Flying Monkeys
FM Follow Me
FM Force Management
FM Force Modernization
FM Force Module
FM Format
FM Freaking Magic
FM Front Matter
FM Full Mana
FM Functional Manager
FM Functional Module
FM Funky Monkey

GE General Electric
GE Gastroesophageal
GE General Engineering
GE Genetically Engineered
GE Gigabit Ethernet
GE Global Engagement
GE Global Engagement
GE Greater than or Equal to
GE Ground Elevation
GE Group Extension

GPS Global Positioning System
GPS Gallons Per Second
GPS Gas Pressure Switch
GPS Generalized Processor Sharing
GPS Geophysical Products System
GPS Global Product Support
GPS Go Pound Sand
GPS Graphical Programming Software
GPS Great Plains Software
GPS Ground Processing Station
GPS Guidance Power Supply

GSA General Services Administration
GSA Gale-Shapley Algorithm
GSA Galvanised Steel Armour
GSA Garden Seed Association
GSA General Sales Agent
GSA Girl Scouts of America
GSA Glasgow School of Art
GSA Global Mobile Suppliers Association
GSA Global Security Architecture
GSA Government Services Administration
GSA Government Supply Agency
GSA Grover Search Algorithm

IAS Institute of Atmospheric Sciences
IAS Integrated Avionics System
IAS Intelligent Autonomous Systems
IAS Interference Analysis System
IAS Internal Audio Subsystem
IAS International Armaments Strategy
IAS It's Always Something

IMF International Monetary Fund
IMF Impossible Mission Force
IMF Improved Message Facility
IMF Individual Master File
IMF Institute of Metal Finishing
IMF Integrated Maintenance Facility
IMF Integrated Management Framework
IMF Intelligent Minefield
IMF Interactive Mainframe Facility
IMF Intermediate Maintenance Facility
IMF International Marketing Federation
IMF International Migration Flow
IMF International Myeloma Foundation
IMF International Myomassethics Federation
IMF Interplanetary Magnetic Field

INDEC Instituto Nacional de Estadistica y Censos

ISOO Information Security Oversight Office
ISOO International Society of Online Ophthalmologists

JFK John Fitzgerald Kennedy
JFK Just For Kicks

JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory
JPL Jam Programming Language
JPL Java/Perl Lingo
JPL Joint Planning and Liaison
KB Kugelblitz
KB Keyboard
Kb Kilo-Bit
KB KiloByte
KB Knowledge Base
KB Kelly Bushing
KB King’s Bench
KB King’s Bishop
KB Kleinwort Benson
KB Knight of the Bath
KB Knowledge Bowl

KGB Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti
KGB Keep Geeks Busy
KGB Ketchikan Gateway Borough
KGB Killer Green Bud

KO Knock Out
KO Kick Off

MDT Mountain Daylight Time
MDT Maintenance Down Time
MDT Management Development Trainee
MDT Management Discovery Tool
MDT Mean Down Time
MDT Message Distribution Terminal
MDT Mission Display Terminal
MDT Mobile Data Terminal
MDT Mobile Digital Terminal
MDT Monthly Down Time
MDT Multi-Disciplinary Team

MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT Man In Trouble
MIT Management Information Tree
MIT Manager-In-Training
MIT Mapua Institute of Technology
MIT Master Instruction Tape
MIT Material In Transit
MIT Materiel Improvement Team
MIT Michigan Institute of Technology
MIT Miles-In-Trail
MIT Military Information Technology
MIT Ministry of Information and Technology
MIT Mishap Investigation Team
MIT Missionary-In-Training
MIT Mobile Interrogation Team
MIT Module Integration Test
MIT Municipal Insurance Trust

MORI Management of Officially Released Information
MORI Market & Opinion Research International

NACLA North American Congress on Latin America
NACLA National Cooperation for Laboratory Accreditation

NAHB National Association of Home Builders
NARA National Archives and Records Administration
NARA North America Radio Archives
NARA North American Ring Association

NASA National Aeronautics & Space Administration
NASA National Acronym Search Agency
NASA National Advertising Sales Association
NASA National Association of Special Agents
NASA National Autograss Sports Association
NASA Native American Student Association
NASA Nice And Safe Attitude
NASA North America South America

NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NATO National Association of Theater Owners
NATO National Association of Timeshare Owners
NATO No Action, Talk Only
NATO North African Theater of Operations

NRO National Reconnaissance Office
NRO National Review Online
NRO National River Observatory
NRO Nevada Reflexology Organization
NRO Norfolk Record Office
NRO Ordinary Non-Resident Accounts

NRO National Reconnaissance Office
NRO National Review Online
NRO Naval Reconnaissance Office
NRO Navy Retail Office
NRO Not Reoffered
NRO Numbering Resources Optimization

NSC National Security Council
NSC National Safety Council
NSC National Science Center
NSC National Simulation Center
NSC National Skin Centre, Singapore
NSC Naval Space Command
NSC Naval Supply Center
NSC Naval Support Center
NSC Network Service Controller
NSC New System Concept
NSC No Significant Clouds
NSC Node Site Coordinator

OAS Our Acronym Section
OAS Office of the Assistant Secretary
OAS On Another Subject
OAS Operations Automation System
OAS Operator Administration System
OAS Optical Amplifier Section

OIG Organization Industrial Gilinski
OIG Office of the Inspector General
OMB Office of Management and Budget
OMB Ocean Modeling Branch
OMB Olympia Master Builders
OMB Office of Management & Budget
OMB Oh My Buddha
OMB Ontario Municipal Board
OMB Operations Manual Bulletin
OMB Optical Mounting Board
OMB Originating Message Buffers

PC Personal computer
PC Personal Computer
PC Piece
PC Politically Correct
PC Professional Corporation
PC Postal Clerk
PC Coastal Patrol
PC Pacific Coast Railroad
PC Pacing Count
PC Package Coordinator
PC Panama Canal
PC Panama City
PC Paper Change
PC Paper Clip
PC Para-Commander
PC Pareto Chart
PC Parsec
PC Patrol Coastal
PC Patrol Craft
PC Peace Commissioner
PC Peace Corps
PC Peer Counselor
PC Peg Count
PC Pen Color
PC Pencil Crayon
PC Pepsi Cola
PC Personal Chat
PC Personal Code
PC Personal Computer
PC Personal Contact
PC Personnel Carrier
PC Petty Cash
PC Phase Control
PC Phone Center
PC Physical Conditioning
PC Physical Contact
PC Physical Contradiction
PC Pilot Chute
PC Pilotage Chart
PC Planning Council
PC Player Character
PC Pocket Calculator
PC Point of Curvature
PC Politically Correct
PC Pony Club
PC Portable Computer
PC Possible Change
PC Post Card
PC Post Commander
PC Power Carrier
PC Power Converter
PC Precast Concrete
PC Preclear
PC Presbyterian College
PC President’s Choice
PC Press Conference
PC Pretty Cool
PC Previous Channel
PC Prices Current
PC Primary Conveyor
PC Primary Plant Control
PC Principal Consultant
PC Printed Circuit
PC Private Chat
PC Probable Cause
PC Process Cluster
PC Process Code
PC Process Control
PC Process Controller
PC Processor Cache
PC Procurement Clerk
PC Producers Conference
PC Production Contractor
PC Professional Computer
PC Program Coordinator
PC Program Counter
PC Progressive Coalition
PC Progressive Conservative Party
PC Project Coordinator
PC Protection Class
PC Protective Custody
PC Providence College
PC Proximate Cause
PC Psychrometic Chart
PC Pulsating Current
PC Pulse Compression
PC Punched Card
PC Pussy Cat
PC The Poet’s Corner

PIDB Public Interest Declassification Board
PIDB Peripheral Interface Data Bus

SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder
SAD Safety & Arming Device
SAD Schizoaffective Disorder
SAD Senior Air Director
SAD Serial Analog Delay
SAD Service Application Description
SAD Silicon Avalanche Diodes
SAD Situation Awareness Display
SAD Social Anxiety Disorder
SAD Software Architecture Description
SAD Solar Array Drive
SAD Source Axis Distance
SAD Splitter-And-Delivery
SAD Stand Alone Dump
SAD Stand and Deliver
SAD Standard American Diet
SAD Standard Auto Discount
SAD Stay Another Day
SAD Sum of Absolute Differences
SAD Supplementary Alteration Drawing
SAD Supply And Demand
SAD System Activity Display
SAD System Administrator/Administration
SAD System Allocation Document
SAD System Analyst Designer

SAHC The Speculative Archive for Historical Clarification
SAHC Scottish Australian Heritage Council
SAHC South African High Commission
SAHC Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy
SAHC Southern Arizona Hiking Club
SAHC Strong Ale Homebrew Competition
SAHC Surrey Anti-Hunt Campaign

SEATO South East Asia Treaty Organization

SOS Save Our Ship/Souls (false acronym)
SOS Same Old Story
SOS Secretary Of State
SOS Shoot on Sight
SOS Sick of School
SOS Someone Special
SOS Son of Sam
SOS Son of Satan
SOS Sound On Sound
SOS Speed of Sound
SOS Standards & Open Systems
SOS Statement of Sensitivity
SOS Statement Of Service
SOS Stuck On Stupid
SOS System Of Systems

TC Critical Temperature
TC Tachometer Constant
TC Tactical Computer
TC Take Care
TC Tamper Circuit
TC Tandem Club
TC Tank Commander
TC Target Console
TC Tax Court
TC Teacher Consultant
TC Teachers College
TC Technecium
TC Technical Characteristics
TC Technical Circular
TC Technical Communication
TC Technical Contradiction
TC Technology Center
TC Technology Company
TC Technology Corporation
TC Telecommunications
TC Telecommunications Closet
TC Temperature Coefficient
TC Temperature Compensating
TC Temperature Control
TC Tennessee Central Railway Company
TC Terminal Card/Controller
TC Terminal Computer
TC Terminal Controller
TC Test Component
TC Test Comprehensiveness
TC Test Control
TC Test Coordinator
TC Thermal Conductivity
TC Thermal Control
TC Thermocouple
TC Ticket Checker
TC ‘Til Countermanded
TC Time Check
TC Time Code
TC Time Constant
TC Tolerable Concentration
TC Toll Center
TC Tom Cruise
TC Tomlinson College
TC Too Cool
TC Total Calls
TC Total Carbon
TC Track Commander
TC Traction Control
TC Traffic Collision
TC Traffic Control
TC Training Center/Circular/Concept
TC Training Center
TC Training Coordinator
TC Transaction Code
TC Transit Canal
TC Transit Case
TC Transition Component
TC Transitive Closure
TC Transport Canada
TC Transport Collect
TC Transportation Code
TC Transportation Coordinator
TC Transportation Corps
TC Travel Class of Service
TC Trial Counsel
TC Triple Champion
TC Troop Commander
TC Trust Center
TC Turbo Code
TC Turn Coordinator
TC Turret Captain
TC Twin Cam
TC Twin Carbs
TC Twin Cities
TC Type Classification

TIFF Tagged Image File Format
TIFF Taxpayer Information File Format
TIFF Toronto International Film Festival

TIROS Television & Infrared Observation Satellite

UFO Unidentified Flying Object
UFO UHF Follow-On Satellite
UFO Un Finished Object
UFO Unidentified Floral Organs

UN United Nations

US United States
US Microsecond
US Ultrasound
US Undersea
US Unit Separator
US Up Stage
US User Segment

USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
USSR Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic
USSR Uninterrupted Sustained Silent Reading

VLF Very Low Frequency
VLF Vertical-Laminar-Flow
VLF Virtual Lookaside Facility

WPA Works Progress Administration
WPA War Plans Advisor
WPA Washington Pilots Association
WPA Washington Project for the Arts
WPA Whole Product Approach
WPA With Particular Average
WPA World Psychiatric Association

WWI World War One
WWI Weight Watchers International

WWII World War Two

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