Fall 2008


Leftovers / The Orienting Stone

D. Graham BurnettListening to our inner pearl

Ingestion / Edible Object 114868-7(34)

Daniel RosenbergThe Jell-O box and the atom bomb

Colors / Prussian Blue

George PendleThe inadvertent genius of Johann Konrad Dippel

Inventory / The Present of Past Things

Paul Ramirez JonasDown to me


Studies in Classic American Literature by Rita Kamins

Josh KunReading with my mother

Artist Project / Hopefuls

David LevineWant you to want me

Artist Project / Cabrillo’s Vanity

Christopher James and Florian Maier-AichenA coastal collapse


Leland de la DurantayeVictor Segalen’s inward exoticism

Artist Project / Falling

Adam Broomberg & Oliver ChanarinPainted in gratitude


ImplicasphereSomething in the air

Perchance to Dream: An Interview with Eluned Summers-Bremner

Brian Dillon and Eluned Summers-BremnerThe meanings of insomnia

Sleep Like Napoleon: An Interview with David Dinges

Aaron Levy and David DingesYour brain in bed


The Woman Who Knew Too Much

Aleksandra WagnerHasanaginica’s shame

Benedict’s Shame

Marilyn IvyTranslating the Chrysanthemum and the Sword

In the Garden

Alan JacobsSomething to hide

Artist Project / Singular Beauty

Cara PhillipsReconstruction sites

Unspeakable Subjects

George MakariShame and the Hippocratic Oath

The Broken Circuit: An Interview with Lauren Berlant

Sina Najafi, David Serlin, and Lauren BerlantThe political economy of shame

Artist Project / Untitled

Amy CutlerThree drawings

Shamefaced: An Interview with Paul Ekman

Christopher Turner and Paul EkmanThe anatomy of an emotion

Nobody Home

Renata SaleclShame and the gaze of the Other

The Pedagogies of Shame

Christina TarnopolskyWhat’s so negative about negative emotions?


Postcard / Shame: The Defenders of the Faith

Daniel Joseph MartinezThe effects of prolonged exposure to democracy

Bookmark / Top Ten Shameful Moments

Jonathan AmesIn no particular order