Fall 2010


Colors / Amber

Mark BradleyOld magic

Inventory / A Taxonomy of Bruises

Dominic PettmanFlesh and blood

Leftovers / Rock, Paper, Scissors

Sebastian CichockiWhat the Stasi left behind

Legend / Man Hugs Doll

Wayne KoestenbaumHeidegger, Adorno, Pee-Wee Herman & Co.


God’s Number

Margaret WertheimSolving the mathematical puzzle of the Rubik’s Cube

Lighter than Air: An Interview with Carol Mavor

Brian Dillon and Carol MavorThe ambiguity of the Edwardian boy

Artist Project / Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Diana CooperUnexpected appearances

The Raw and the Cooked: An Interview with Cătălin Avramescu

Justin E. H. Smith and Cătălin AvramescuCannibalism and the moral order of society

The Weather over Germany

Declan ClarkeHeinrich Böll’s literature of ruins

The Disintegration of an Ideal

George ProchnikMorton Prince, Sigmund Freud, and the extraordinary case of “Christine Beauchamp”

Artist Project / Bountiful

Tanya MarcuseThe wax agricultural models of James Lawson


Learning Degree Zero

D. Graham BurnettHow a sea slug revolutionized cognitive science


Christopher TurnerA. S. Neill and Summerhill

Artist Project / Ambidextrous Performance

Lars SiltbergWritten by the body

Learning at Your Fingertips

David SerlinThe Museum Extension Project and the pedagogy of the tactile

Spirit Duplication

Yara FloresLicking wisdom from the purple page

Translation, Memory, and Mastery

Daniel DewispelareThe Andrometer of Sir William Jones

What Is There to Be Learned from Kitsch?

Brigid DohertyWalter Benjamin and the “furnished man”

Thrasonical Huffe Snuffe

Jeff DolvenLearning to love a rhythm you can’t hear

O Seminar!

Emily ApterWitz and Blitz in the classroom


Postcard / School of Undressing

The subtleties of proper “disrobing methodology”

Bookmark / Cabinet’s Personal Andrometer, Based on the (Terrifying) Schedule of Achievement Outlined by Sir William Jones

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