Summer 2013

Artist Project / Untitled Project: eBay | Cypraea moneta

Shell game

Conrad Bakker

“Untitled Project: eBay | Cypraea moneta” is a series of small paintings of Cypraea moneta (cowrie money shells) based on images from eBay auctions. These paintings are titled, scaled, and priced according to the original auction listings as a way of pointing to the continued display and circulation of these historic units of currency. In a doubling gesture, these small paintings will be auctioned on eBay in the “Collectible/Shells/Cowrie” category when this publication is released.

Untitled Project: eBay | Cypraea moneta [4x Cypraea moneta, 18mm bis 31mm lang-super mix, 3,99 EUR], oil on wood panel, 110mm x 150mm, 2013.
Untitled Project: eBay | Cypraea moneta [CYPRAEA MONETA 2 SHELLS GEM, 31 mm COMPARE YELLOW COLOR GIFT MONEY COWRY, $5.20], oil on wood panel, 162mm ×× 175mm, 2013.
Untitled Project: eBay | Cypraea moneta [Sea Shells Cypraea moneta Cowrie 20.6mm golden, $8.88] oil on wood panel, 175mm ×× 150mm, 2013.

Conrad Bakker is an artist and educator living in Urbana, Illinois. In 2014, he will be participating in the group exhibition “Motopoétique” at Musée d’art contemporain de Lyon, France, and producing a solo exhibition for Station Independent Projects, New York.

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