Spring 2003


Colors / Ultramarine

Matthew BuckinghamThe blue from beyond the sea

The Clean Room / Giants, Neither Green Nor Jolly

David SerlinEcology, technology, and sustainable skyscraper design

Ingestion / Anti-pasta

Romy GolanLethargy and pessimism on a plate

Leftovers / Coming to the Surface

Amanda SchachterBeneath modern Madrid, traces of Franco


Be All That You Can Be: An Interview with Sandow Birk

Marcia Tanner and Sandow BirkA historian of the Great War of the Californias discusses its visual legacy

Taming Thomas Bernhard

Gregory WilliamsA misread misanthrope

America in Autumn

Gregory WhiteheadElvis’s hair and the Baader-Meinhof brains


edit suisse groupHerman Sörgel’s plan to drain the Mediterranean

Southern Exposures

Ed OsbornPicturing the Antarctic

The Digital Vernacular

John PilsonWho’s hot (or not)?

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Severed Head

Mark DeryAny way you slice it, it’s not cut-and-dried

Artist Project / Iraq

Sophie RistelhueberThe fallen

Mismatch of the Day

Paul CollinsCricket’s nineteenth-century sideshows

The Bad Seed

Frieda KnoblochWeeds and the persistence of vegetable memory


Leon Golub, Leon Golub, and Leon GolubAn artist, an astrophysicist, and a psychoanalyst have dinner


Superflux of Sky

Joe MilutisMapping the history of ether

The American Land Museum at Wendover, Utah

The Center for Land Use InterpretationIncidental structures and accidental references along the Utah-Nevada border

Artist Project / Poster Insert: Acumulus Noblitatus

Paul NobleCloud cover

Land Acquisition 1: Luna County, New Mexico

Jeffrey Kastner and Sina NajafiCabinet is tricked into buying remote scrubland; offers it to readers

Who Owns History?

David WomackBrewster Kahle’s Internet Archive

Artist Project / Suburban Intervention #1

Sergio Muñoz-SarmientoThe presence of the provisional

Property and the Banality of Memory

Mark LandsmanTwo architects respond to a hotel built on the site of an old Gestapo camp outside Saarbrücken

Million Dollar Point

Sasha ArchibaldThe US military’s underwater dump in the Pacific

Land Acquisition 2: Queens County, New York

Jeffrey KastnerRevisiting the sites of Gordon Matta-Clark’s Reality Properties: Fake Estates

Artist Project / Odd Lots 1

Clara WilliamsNobody

Artist Project / Odd Lots 2

Matthew NorthridgeElevated blue cottage

Artist Project / Odd Lots 3

Jimbo BlachlyParking mirage

Fungible Goods

Rachel KnechtThe properties of property

Mein Royalties

Jay WorthingtonWho profits from Hitler’s bestseller?

Product Line: An Interview with Kristin Ehring

Carey Young and Kristin EhringMarketing artistic license

The Dotcommunist Manifesto

Eben MoglenOn the free circulation of ideas in a digital society

Land Acquisition 3: Eastern Amazonis Planitia, Mars

Sina NajafiSpacious, quiet, earth views

Location, Location, Location: An Interview with Dennis M. Hope

Mats Bigert and Dennis M. HopeTips from a Mars real estate mogul


Postcard / Postcard for the Public Domain

Luke Murphy and Jay WorthingtonWhat hath Sonny Bono wrought?

Artist Project: Postcard / January 14, 2003

Danica PhelpsA drawing with the story of its own making

Bookmark / Two and a Half Property Bookmarks

Brian McMullenTerrain vague

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