Summer 2003

Unlimited Edition / No Fly Zone

Turn flying fauna into food with the recipes in this box

Lee Boroson

Turn flying things into food with the recipes in this handsome metal recipe card file.

What you get:
1) Artist-designed metal recipe card file box
2) Artist-curated “starter set” of recipe cards

All recipes in the No Fly Zone “starter set” either contain ingredients that once flew (e.g. pheasants) or yield foodstuffs that actually fly (e.g. marzipan bees). These recipes range from tasty gourmet delights to down-right dangerous dishes. They are all entertaining. Amateur and master chefs from around the world have contributed to No Fly Zone.

Please note that this edition is sold out.

Lee Boroson is an artist living and working in Brooklyn. His work has been exhibited recently at the Whitney Philip Morris, Helman Gallery, and Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center. His artistic interests extend into the kitchen.

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