Fall 2006


Object Lesson / Abject Object

Celeste OlalquiagaOut and down in Paris

Colors / Scarlet

Joshua GlennOur drug of sex and death

Ingestion / Talking Turkey

Jeffrey KastnerAndrew F. Smith on the reluctant star of Thanksgiving

Inventory / F Is for Foley

Anne Walsh & Chris KubickThe indexical majesty of the sound effects catalogue


Virus Camp

Brian DillonThe story of the Common Cold Unit

Letter Bombs

Christopher TurnerGerhard Zucker’s rocket post

Artist Project / As the Stars Go By

Anna Von MertensAs above, so below

A Brief History of String

Sabrina GschwandtnerFrom the eruv to the quipu

Why Things Don’t Fall Down: An Interview with Robert Connelly

Margaret Wertheim and Robert ConnellyThe forms and functions of tensegrity

The Beavers and the Bees

Irene ChengIntelligent design and the marvelous architecture of animals

To the Vector the Spoils

McKenzie WarkGaming outside The Cave™

Feet of Genius

Christopher TurnerEinstein’s cobbler complex


Watch Out for the Top Banana

Larry TyeEdward Bernays and the colonial adventures of the United Fruit Company

Fallen Fruit

Matias ViegenerHelp yourself

Thoreau’s Wild Fruits

Frances RichardA philosopher among the huckleberries

Strange Fruit

Ellen BirrellThe Citrus bud mite as sculptor

It’s a Fruit, Goddamn It!

Barry SandersThe old man and the tomato

It’s a Vegetable, Goddamn It!

Mr. Justice GrayThe 1893 US Supreme Court weighs in on the Great Tomato Controversy

Orange Crush

Kavior MoonThree festivals

The King of Fruits

Fran BeaumanThe pineapple and the aristocrat

Sweet Tart: An Interview with Adam Leith Gollner

Sina Najafi and Adam Leith GollnerConquering sourness with the miracle fruit

Fruits of the Whine

Mats BigertSweden’s pacifier trees



Francis DarwinThe battle of the fruit and vegetable soldiers


Jessica GreenTo prepare you for when Cabinet goes weekly

Back Cover

The durian wars