Winter 2008–2009


Ingestion / Power Hungry

Ben KafkaDining with the Committee of Public Safety

A Minor History Of / Falling from Great Heights

Joshua FoerDown to earth

Colors / Puce

Barry SandersA flea in your ear

Inventory / Everyone Once in Berlin!

Mel GordonA semiotics of the Weimar streetwalker


The Cosmonaut of the Erotic Future

Aaron SchusterA brief history of levitation from St. Joseph to Yuri Gagarin

To Sit, to Stand, to Write

George PendleThe author’s position

Notes on Scent

Adam Jasper and Nadia WagnerHow do you smell?

A Fish Called Plaice

CabinetAn introduction

Artist Project / Flounder No. 2

Nesta MayoPiscine landscape

Plaice and Place

Sanelma NichtThe significance of space and locality in the investigation of Pleuronectes platessa

Artist Project / Plaice

Dan WoernerBoth fish and fowl

Plaice Names

Allen S. WeissA real mouthful

Screenplay Pitch for An American Plaice

Tim DavisComing, perhaps, to a cinema near you

Hook, Line, and Sinker: An Interview with Russ Symons

Jeffrey Kastner and Russ SymonsA quiet sort of fishing

Tour of Duty

Therese RobertUSS Plaice at war

Beginning the End

Jon CalameIn the zero thickness of the International Date Line


Fire and Truth

D. Graham BurnettLearning from spectroscopy

Iron Ivy

Thomas A. P. Van LeeuwenThe picturesque charm of the American fire escape

George R. Lawrence, Aeronaut Photographer

Christopher TurnerAbove the ruins of San Francisco

Superflex and the Re-branding of Denmark

Mats Bigert

The Great Integrator: An Interview with Stephen J. Pyne

Jeffrey Kastner and Stephen J. PyneFire in North America

Marks of Assurance

Janet ConnellyThe birth of fire insurance

Sparks of Life

Simon WerrettFireworks and physiology

The Rational Hearth

Frumento CombustiGauger, Descartes, and the Vestal Complex


Julia WolcottBucky Fuller’s dome on fire


Postcard / Re-branding Denmark

SuperflexForging a new national identity

Bookmark / Fire in the Hole

The Scoville Scale

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