Summer 2009


Inventory / From Acne to X-Ray

Brian DillonDiagnosing Warhol

A Minor History Of / Useful Corpses

Joshua FoerNot all bodies molder in the grave

Ingestion / The Beast Within

Natalie de SouzaThe tale of the tapeworm

Colors / Magenta

Sally O’ReillyAt the leaky margins of reality


In Pursuit of Salamone

James OlesIn the emptiness of the Argentine Pampas, a vision of modernity

Gallery of Shooters

Joshua Dubler and Andrea Sun-Mee JonesThe assassin, the non-assassin, and the shape of history

The Onomastic Gold Mine

Allen S. WeissWhat’s in a name?

Artist Project / Front

Trish MorrisseyTaking your place

Roll Playing

Jeff DolvenFeeling the machine music of Conlon Nancarrow

Hunting a Mathematical Snark

Margaret WertheimThe sublime symmetry of the Monster

Cabinet Hoaxed?

Magazine deceived in its own “Deception” issue?


Games of Chance

D. Graham BurnettTesting at the limits of the normal

A Test of Patience

Mats BigertWaiting on the world’s longest-running laboratory experiment

Cortex Envy

Mark DeryBringing up Baby Einstein

Drawing Out Your Mind

Sina Najafi and Christopher TurnerA sampler of projective psychological tests

Measuring Desire

Tom WaidzunasThe science of phallometric testing

They Rode the Rockets

Colin BurgessAnimals in space

A Little Etymological Test

Joshua T. KatzKeep your eye on the balls

To Catch a Bug

Michael D. GordinHow to test for nuclear tests

A Child Could Do It

Tom HolertThe art of aesthetic ability testing

Epistemological Chicken

John DownerWhat do we learn from “bird-ingestion” tests?

Pencils Up!

CabinetCabinet puts its subscribers to the test


Postcard / The Biscuit-Packers’ Test

That’s the way the cookie doesn’t crumble

Bookmark / Post Office Flexibility Test

Cabinet’s rigid standards