Summer 2011


Inventory / Key Dates in the History of Clown Crime

Andrew McConnell StottFunny strange

Legend / The Surgeon

Wayne KoestenbaumOur gang, before the final war

Ingestion / Peoples’ Friendship Salad and Other Culinary Expressions of Brotherhood

Elena SorokinaThe mayonnaise is the message

Colors / Drab

Aaron KuninThe hues of an “immajnari karrakter”


Thinking Inside the Box

Christopher TurnerWilhelm Reich and the invention of sex

Artist Project / Untitled

Amie SiegelRainbow connection: II

No, Oedipus Does Not Exist

Jamieson Webster and Ben KafkaAnalyze this

Dark at Heart

Jocko WeylandEvaluating the pain of others

The Ethics of Rubbernecking

Justin E. H. SmithThe propriety of the spectacle

The Behavioral Sink

Will WilesThe mouse universes of John B. Calhoun

Creative Evolution

Alexander R. GallowayNils Aall Barricelli’s mathematical organisms

Artist Project / Reviving the Habit

Julia ShermanSymbols of sisterhood

Well, Ada Clare!

John StrausbaughThe queen of the bohemians


Who Knows This Man?

George ProchnikThe mysterious amnesiac of Collegno

The Memory Hole Has Teeth

D. Graham Burnett and Sal RandolphToward a field guide to shred

The Theater of Forgetting

Peter GalisonScenes of censorship

Historical Amnesias: An Interview with Paul Connerton

Jeffrey Kastner, Sina Najafi, and Paul ConnertonSeven types of forgetting

Artist Projects / Monument to Forgetting

John Beech, Eigil Zu Tage-Ravn, Teresa Hubbard & Alexander Birchler, Liz Glynn, and Olav WestphalenTry not to remember

Forgetting Derrida, Forgiving Freud

Barry SandersOut of sight, but not of mind

Selective Memory: An Interview with Londa Schiebinger

Alistair Sponsel and Londa SchiebingerThe forgotten knowledge of herbal abortifacients

Memory by Syllables

Joshua FoerAn abbot walks into a bar holding an eel

Artist Project / Bradwardine in Action

Amy Jean PorterMeet Ed Mémoire


Postcard / Remember to Forget

Susan HillerYou can knot do it

Bookmark / The Clock Drawing Test

Telling time