Winter 2001–2002


The Clean Room / Wrestling with the “Digital Angel”

David SerlinThe body electronic

Leftovers / (G)Litter

Sara HarrisLearning from lost Vegas

Colors / Indigo

Frances RichardA one-word poem

Ingestion / The Pleasures and Ideology of Fusion

Allen S. WeissThou shalt be inventive


The Acoustics of War

Daria VaismanKilling me loudly

What’s in a Name

David E. BrownSignatures, autopen, and the question of verifiable identity

Raw and Processed Data

A bumpy ride on the streets of New York

Walter Pitts

Keller EasterlingCybernetics’s missing man

Imported Nationalism

Jesse LernerThe carte-de-visite at the birth of the Mexican nation

The Pigment Connoisseur

Gregory WilliamsArt Guerra’s kaleidoscopic world

Artist Project / The Portrait Connection

Peter RostovskyPicture yourself

The Traveling Interview: The Second Leg

Lucy Lippard and Kathy VargasTalking Texas

Two Postcards

Aris FioretosHead to head

The Emergence of Social Inequality among Robots

Luc SteelsWhy can’t we AI just get along?

Artist Project / Brancusi/Koons

James Dawson-HollisReflections on art

Private Lunar ESP: An Interview with Edgar Mitchell

Fia Backström and Edgar MitchellExtraterrestrial, extrasensory

Artist Project / Doppelgänger

Francis AlÿsFind yourself around the world

The Practice of Failure

John RobertsEmma Kay and the memory of the world


On Evil: An Interview with Alain Badiou

Christoph Cox, Molly Whalen, and Alain BadiouThe subject weakened and destroyed

On Evil: An Interview with Alenka Zupančič

Christoph Cox and Alenka ZupančičAt the conjunction of the impossible and the necessary

Letter Bombs, 1904–1998

Carl Michael von HausswolffGoing postal

Artist Project / Good Over Evil/Evil Over Good

Lee Etheredge IVTyping up the ultimate battle

Bats and Dancing Bears: An Interview with Eric A. Zillmer

Sina Najafi and Eric A. ZillmerDiagnosing Nazism with the Rorschach test

Modernist Malice

Andrea CodringtonArchitecture and arch-villainy

The De-demonization of Evil

Ulrich BaerBanality, Arendt, Sartre

Artist Project / Destroyed

David BunnThe accidental poetry of the card catalogue

Of Criminals, Degenerates, and Literary Offenders

Marina van ZuylenDeciphering depravity

Artist Project / Live and Die as Eva Braun

Roee RosenAn intimate experience of fascism

Artist Project: CD-ROM Insert / Deuteronomy

Brian DewanThe ultimate educational filmstrip

Artist Project / Twenty Minutes under Water

Carsten HöllerChild endangerment

The Persistence of Goodness

Sven-Olov WallensteinMorality and form

The Evil Eye: An Interview with Alan Dundes

Nicholas Frobes-Cross and Alan DundesLooking bad

Antichrist: An Interview with Bernard McGinn

Kristofer Widholm and Bernard McGinnGod’s most misunderstood servant

On Victor Houteff

Harry SteinbergThe way to Waco

The Orthodox Origins of Heterodoxy

Karen SullivanOr, how what is good becomes evil


Unlimited Edition / Evil/Exit

Vincent MazeauDoes it lurk inside or outside?


Victor HouteffThe church and the dragon

Back Cover / Cabinet 45

Francis Cape