Poetry Lab

In April 2009, Cabinet inaugurated Poetry Lab, a series dedicated to reviving dead poets by unorthodox means, organized by D. Graham Burnett and Jeff Dolven. Poetry Lab is dedicated to discovering what more and what else can be done with a poem. Come help us find out. See each lab’s page for images and audio.

“William Blake: Songs of Exocence and Inperience”
25 June 2014

“Everyone and I and Frank O'Hara”
28 July 2012

“William Carlos Williams: Anatomy of a Poem”
11 March 2011

“Sappho in Fragments”
24 August 2009

“The Idea of Order on the Gowanus Canal: Wallace Stevens and Geography”
30 Jun 2009

“A Séance with James Merrill”
28 May 2009

“Walt Whitman: A Democratic Experiment”
30 April 2009