Summer 2007


Inventory / Talk to the Hand

Brian DillonDeciphering the language of gesture

A Minor History Of / Aquatic Ambulism

Joshua FoerThe sport of God

Colors / Olive

Dziga LovechildKind of conceptual

Object Lesson / Lost Object

Celeste OlalquiagaWhat can be said about what Breton loved?


The Porcupine Illusion

George ProchnikFreud’s prickly secret

The Illusionistic Magic of Geometric Figuring

Margaret WertheimVirtual reality, medieval-style


ImplicasphereBelly up to the bars

Simmering Statecraft

Sandy IsenstadtPolitics amid the pots and pans

Artist Project / Kitchen I & II

Terence GowerThe modernist mother’s control center

The Real Thing

Joshua GlennThe Coke bottle and the third way

The Bitter Scribe of Quail Springs

Sandy ZippJohn Samuelson’s Rocks

Marking Territory

Sarah Whitney WomackInto the jungle with man’s best friend

The Barber Trial: Sivan vs. Finkielkraut

Thomas Keenan and Eyal WeizmanAn analysis of the libel case

Sivan vs. Finkielkraut

A translation of the trial transcript


Deceptionists at War

Jonathan AllenMartial magic

Perspective Correction

Greg AllenThe beguiling stagecraft of American politics

Image Magic

Alexander NagelIdol hands are the devil’s tools

Artist Project / Legerdemains

Ruth ClaxtonCutting the cards

Black Herman’s African American Magical Synthesis

Yvonne P. ChireauBetween folklore and vaudeville

Modern Enchantments: An Interview with Simon During

Sina Najafi and Simon DuringSecular magic and the modern cultural imagination

Impossible Return

Adrian HeathfieldWatching Tommy Cooper die, again

Alive at Both Ends

Paul KieveA brief history of magic’s most famous illusion

I Can See Your Ideology Moving

Sally O’Reilly and Ian SavilleVentriloquizing Marx

Artist Project / Tommy Angel

Jonathan AllenSacrament and snake oil

Protean Fakirs

Shreeyash PalshikarIndian magic’s new superstar

Koringa: From Biknar to Blackpool

Vanessa ToulminA female fakir’s story

Currencies of Wonder

Tim ReedMagicians make money

Rule 13

Edwin A. DawesDavid Devant’s illusion

Spell Check

Craig ConleyA brief glossary of magic words


Postcard / The Mystery Card

Scott PenroseMisdeal

Bookmark / Perforation Curse

Detach at your peril

Interstitial Image

Back Cover

Pinwheel fantasia