Winter 2007–2008


Colors / Mauve

Shelley JacksonDisappointment and opportunity

A Minor History Of / Odd Sympathy

Joshua FoerAll together now

Ingestion / More Shoes! More Boots! More Garlic!

Jeffrey KastnerWerner Herzog’s gastronomic bet

Inventory / Wanted and Unwanted at the Zoo

Clem BlakemoreI’ll trade you a freckled duck for a spiny terrapin


Haunted Mazes

Joe MilutisInside the labyrinth

Artist Project / Tree Drawings

Tim KnowlesThe limbs limn

The Onion

ImplicaspherePeeling back the layers

Cyanea Arctica

Louis AgassizNot unlike jelly

Organized Water

Richard SieburthOn Agassiz’s flowing prose

On Being the Right Size

J. B. S. HaldaneThe scale of nature

Tatlin, or, Ruinophilia

Svetlana BoymThe avant-garde and the off-modern


The Museum of the Dead

Robert HarbisonMonochrome macabre

Sacred Bones

Mark C. TaylorWhat remains

Like a Hole in the Head

Christopher TurnerThe trepanation-state

The Anti-narcissistic Origins of Art

Svetlana BoymAthena and the music of bones

The Fate of His Bones

Colin DickeySir Thomas Browne and the craniokleptic impulse

Bone Play

Eva Åhrén and Michael SappolThe anatomist’s games

Congenital Human Baculum Deficiency

Scott F. Gilbert and Ziony ZevitThe generative bone of Genesis 2:21–23

A Buried History of Paleontology

Brian Selznick and David SerlinThe remains of Waterhouse Hawkins

Cutting the World at Its Joints: An Interview with D. Graham Burnett

Sina Najafi and D. Graham BurnettComparative anatomy on trial

Artist Project / Character Study

Michael PaulusInside stories

Unnatural Selection: An Interview with the National Fish and Wildlife Forensics Laboratory

Colby ChamberlainCrime and punishment in the animal kingdom

Marking Time

Daniel RosenbergAlexander Marshack and ossified time

Os Innominatum

Thomas ZummerThe self between the skin


Postcard / Bone-Setting Mannequin

Correcting childhood deviance

Bookmark / Bone Tower

Eugene von BruenchenheinFowl fare