Fall 2009


Ingestion / Pulling a Rabbit out of a Cat

Rebecca L. SpangThe July Monarchy and the politics of culinary substitution

Inventory / When in (Renaissance) Rome...

Arielle SaiberA piece of advice

Colors / Verdigris

Jeff DolvenVegetable and metal

Leftovers / Leibniz’s Syrup of Ipecac

Justin E. H. SmithThe temptations and limits of psychobiography


Remix Redux

Emily ThompsonIn the silent film era, the roots of the DJ

All Monsters Must Die

Magnus Bärtås and Fredrik EkmanGojira’s children go to North Korea

Artist Project / Fallen Books

Melissa Dubbin and Aaron S. Davidson

Reading to the Endgame

D. Graham Burnett and W. J. WalterA novel approach to computer chess

Pirates of the Deep

Daniel Heller-RoazenHow the submarine changed the rules of war

Cabinetlandia: Update No. 4

RebarRebuilding the Cabinet National Library


A Dry Black Veil

Brian DillonThe hovering horror of the plague-cloud

Swept Away

Susanna WhatmanExcerpts from an eighteenth-century housekeeping book

The Dusty, the Sticky, and the Greasy

Adam JasperChristian Enzensberger’s filthy masterpiece


Steven ConnorThe power of powder

Bacon Dust

Christopher TurnerSifting through the remnants of 7 Reece Mews

Kiss of Life

Raiford GuinsHow to resuscitate old Nintendo games

Silent Witness: An Interview with Jean Duprat

Brian Dillon and Jean DupratInterplanetary dust and the birth of the solar system

Something in the Air

Colby ChamberlainAnthony McCall’s white cube problem

Jacket Required

Alexandra CardiaJudging a book by its dust cover

Stardust Memories

Dorion SaganExploring the emotional universe

The Magic Lake

Valerie SmithDrawing lines in the sand


Postcard / Hoover “Model O,” 1908

The first production electric vacuum cleaner

Bookmark / A Dust Menagerie

Allen S. WeissThe bunnies under the bed