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Fall 2001


The Clean Room / Making the Jaipur Foot

David Serlin

Colors / Ruby (And Beyond)

Darren Wershler-Henry

Ingestion / The Epic of the Cephalopod

Allen S. Weiss

Leftovers / Evangelical Currents

Curtis C. Ebbesmeyer


Artist Project / Scenic Wallpaper

Francesco Simeti

Stealth Towers

Kristen Dodge

Hidden Talents: The Camouflage Paintings of Abbot Handerson Thayer

Emily Gephart

Hieroglyphs of the Future: Jacques Rancière and the Aesthetics of Equality

Brian Holmes

Artist Project / By Sea, by Land, by Air: Studio Photographs from 1950s Lebanon

The Traveling Interview: The First Leg

Dean MacCannell and Lucy Lippard


David Hawkes

Airport Disease

Matthew Rose

A Fevered Dream of Maya: Robert Stacy-Judd

Jesse Lerner

Warhol’s Dream

Saul Anton

Warhol’s Aura and the Language of Writing

Tan Lin


Carl Skelton

Marketing the Prison Experience in Tehran

Golmohammad Rahati

Towards a Military Ethics at West Point: An Interview with Colonel Anthony Hartle

Jay Worthington and Col. Anthony Hartle

Artist Projects / The Paper Sculpture Show

Matt Freedman

Artist Projects / Instant Replay

Eve Sussman

Artist Projects / Door

Paul Ramirez Jonas

Artist Projects / Flame

Pablo Vargas-Lugo

Artist Projects / Coffee Cup

Sarah Sze

Artist Projects / Folding Chairs

Allan Wexler

I Tried!

Jonathan Ames

Cover Versions: The Communist Manifesto

Geoff Cox


Where the Wild Things Are: An Interview with Steve Baker

Gregory Williams and Steve Baker

Fifteen Theses on the Cute

Frances Richard

Bee Modern: An Interview with Juan Antonio Ramirez

Eric Bunge and Juan Antonio Ramirez

Mapping Behavior

Tomas Matza

Artist Project / Bunny Rising

Angela Wyman

Audition for a Pair of Koalas

Kathy Temin

Animals on Trial

Jeffrey Kastner

Beastly Agendas: An Interview with Kathleen Kete

Sina Najafi and Kathleen Kete

Artist Project / Central Meat Market

Andrew Cross

Recollecting the Slaughterhouse

Dorothee Brantz

The Mouse’s Tale: Standardized Animals in the Culture and Practice of Technoscience

Karen Rader


The Lion in the Swedish Winter

Mats Bigert

Postcard / Hot Air Ballooning in a Cave

Vadim Fishkin

Web Extras

On Peter Singer

Slavoj Žižek

The World’s Rarest Rabbit

Jeffrey Kastner