Fall 2004


Colors / Purple

Matthew KlamGood culla

Inventory / $@#%*!!!

Jeffrey Kastner and David KauferDavid Kaufer and the origins of Eudora’s pepper system

Leftovers / The Day of the Remains

Philip ScherBattles over bodies

Thing / No. 2

Paul Maliszewski, R. K. Scher, and Mary Walling BlackburnThree reports



Joseph GrigelyFran Betters and the mysteries of streamside representation

Are the Stars Out Tonight?: An Interview with Robert Evans

Jeffrey Kastner and Robert EvansScanning the skies with the world’s greatest supernova hunter

Artist Project / The Celestial Incorporation Project

Lee BorosonStar cluster

Wilkommen in Irak!

Walead Beshty and Eric SchwabIn Berlin, a little bit of Baghdad

Rock Books

Brian TuckerRichard Sharpe Shaver’s lapidary fantasies

En Piste: An Interview with James Niehues

Jocko Weyland and James NiehuesThe art of the ski-area map

The Average

100,000 Average Joes

Paul FlemingDefining the middle ground

By the Numbers: An Interview with William L. Bird, Jr.

Sasha Archibald, David Serlin, and William L. Bird Jr.Painting a picture of the middle class

Middle Men

Eva GeulenThe aesthetics of the mediocre

The Law of Averages 1: Normman and Norma

Dahlia S. CambersLooking for Mr. and Mrs. America

The Law of Averages 2: American Adonis

Mary CoffeyEugenics, statistics, and the controversial paunch

The Law of Averages 3: Meet Marianne

Måns Wrange / OMBUDThe Average Citizen project

The Decline of the Average Mind

Barry SandersThings fall apart

Artist Project / 100 Special Moments

Jason SalavonAll together now

Predictable You

Dahlia S. CambersOn actuarial tables

Standard Deviation: An Interview with Jürgen Link

Anne Mihan, Thomas O. Haakenson, and Jürgen LinkModernity and the reign of normalism

One Damn Page after Another

Robert ShieldsThe relentless diary

Life on the Bell Curve: An Interview with Theodore Porter

Paul Fleming and Theodore PorterRedefining mediocrity

Artist Project / Poster Insert: Alphabetized Newspaper

Rutherford ChangEdition late

Fanfares for the Common Man

A selection of political quotes

How Little We Know of Our Neighbors

Rebecca BaronMass-Observation and the meaning of everyday life

Buttons and Pockets

Bernard RudofskyDrawings by Bernard Rudofsky


Postcard 1 / Homokak Family (A Nut Study)

An underdeveloped sense of humor

Postcard 2 / Fitter Families for Future Firesides

Selling eugenics at the state fair

Bookmark / The Pixel at Fifty

A birthday resolution

Back Cover

Charting the humdrum