Winter 2005–2006


Object Lesson / Transitional Object

Celeste OlalquiagaThe cabinet of Baron de la Mosson

Leftovers / The London Necropolis Railway

John M. ClarkeA one-way ticket to the Brookwood Cemetery

Colors / Cyan

Lyn HejinianKind of blue

Ingestion / Cuisine for a Body without Organs

Allen S. WeissAntonin Artaud’s gastronomical obsessions


A Brief History of Cranks

Paul LaityOn bearded fruit juice drinkers, nudists, and sandal-wearers

How to Grow a Chair: An Interview with Richard Reames

Joshua Foer and Richard ReamesThe roots of arborsculpture

Psychoanalytic Filiations

Ernst FalzederA Freudian family tree for your wall
(accompanied by a poster insert)

Where the Wild Things Are: An Interview with Ken Millett

Margaret Wertheim and Ken MillettUntangling the mathematical complexities of knot theory


Steve FeatherstonePigs, heroes, and the American army’s biggest machine gun

Divine Wind: An Interview with Atsushi Takatsuka

Ryo Manabe and Atsushi TakatsukaTraining to be a Kamikaze pilot


Fragments from a History of Ruin

Brian DillonPicking through the wreckage

The Ruined Man

George PendleThe melancholic folly of William Beckford

Artist Project / Infested

Susan SiltonOf termites and tents

Elementary Particles: An Interview with Peter Brimblecombe

Brian Dillon, Sina Najafi, and Peter BrimblecombeSneezing in the library

The Archaeology of Modernity

Colin JonesTheodore Vacquer, Baron Haussmann’s doppelganger


Walead Beshty and Eric SchwabWhat remains of the Thousand-Year Reich?

Derelict Utopias

Mark SandersonThe Fascists go on holiday

Fantastic City

Joseph MascoEngineering ruins in Cold War America

Artist Project / Time Mirror

Jeremy MillarSearching for the Zone

Robert des Ruines

Nina DubinSpeculating in the market for ruins

Appetite for Destruction

Gordon Matta-Clark and J. Mark LoizeauxThe art of demolition

Rome, Broken City

Denise BrattonPatching up the Eternal City in the Renaissance

Artist Project / Untitled

Ester PartegàsThe future, frayed

The Dead Town

Martin HerbertThe toxic cold of Norilsk

Cabinetlandia: Update No. 3

The fall of a DIY empire


Postcard / Copper Patinas

From green to ghastly

Bookmark / Simulated Distress Patterns for T-Shirt Graphics (Late 1990s)


Back Cover

The eight waves of invertebrate scavengers