Summer 2008


Ingestion / Guinomi

Allen S. WeissIntoxicating cup

Inventory / Auspicious Cats

Martin ClutterbuckThe pick of the litter

Object Lesson / Object of Contention

Celeste OlalquiagaCoral grief

Colors / Maroon

Moyra DaveyStaying on hue


Mannequins, Manners, and Mutilation

Nina PowerWindow-shopping in Iran

Through God’s Left Eye

Paul La FargeThe universal brotherhood of Cao Dai

Behind the Shield

Jon CalameHow the sheriff got his star

Getting High with Benjamin and Burroughs

Michael TaussigUnder the influence

Future Imperfect

CabinetThe Casey Case, Scenario I

Future Perfect

CabinetThe Casey Case, Scenario II

The Reef Builders: An Interview with Nancy Knowlton

Margaret Wertheim and Nancy KnowltonThe vanishing world of coral

Four Leaves from a Commonplace Book

D. Graham BurnettCut and paste

Day-Glo Dreams

Christopher TurnerThe fluorescent revolution

Ways of Seeing

Sasha ArchibaldAlfred Yarbus’s science of visual attention

Nowhere, Everywhere, Somewhere

Josiah McElhenyBuilding an alternative history of modernist architecture

Artist Project / Shopping in Sin

Casey LoganBuyer’s remorse

The Underground

Paradise Found

Magnus BärtåsDigging up Damanhur

Down the Tube

Michael SalerFrank Pick’s underground dream

Caveman: An Interview with Michel Siffre

Joshua Foer and Michel SiffreLiving beyond time

The Moviegoer as Spelunker

Colby ChamberlainRobert Smithson’s underground cinema

Underworld: An Interview with Rosalind Williams

Sina Najafi and Rosalind WilliamsWhat lies beneath

Ant Farm Underground

Mark WasiutaRecycling silos

The Holtermann Gold

Carl Fredrik HoltermannMining a vein of family lore

Subterranean Foes

Erik PauserThe fighting women of the Cu Chi tunnels


Alessandro ScafiTo heaven through the bowels of the earth


Postcard / Glowworm Grotto

What flies beneath

Bookmark / Textual Depth-Meter

Digging ourselves a hole