Spring 2012


Colors / Madder Lake

Lytle ShawFierce blood to pale wash

Legend / Siegfried’s Underwear

Wayne KoestenbaumPreposterously white

Ingestion / Glutton on the Stand

Fleur MacDonaldThe road to hell is paved with pot-au-feu

Inventory / Elevator Button

Ginny MakiLet the chips fall where they say


Heavy Breeding

Michael WangThe Heck “Aurochs” and the quest for biological unity

Dada on Trial

Colby ChamberlainThe Barrès affair and the end of a movement

L’Affaire Barrès

André Breton and Tristan TzaraThe first English translation, by Alex Stein

The Architecture of Psychoanalysis

Volker M. WelterThe consulting rooms of Ernst Freud

Holy Rollers

Celeste OlalquiagaThe floral paroxysms of paper reliquaries

Friendship and Philosophy: An Interview with Giorgio Agamben

Giorgio Agamben and Leland de la DurantayeA shared sensation


Reimagining Recreation

James TrainorThe lost world of New York City adventure playgrounds

The Games Game Theorists Play

D. Graham BurnettThe unstable alliances of So Long, Sucker

Walter Conrad Arensberg’s Anagramania

William H. ShermanWordplay, madness, and modernity

In the Palm of Your Hand

Barbara Levine and Jessica HelfandA brief history of dexterity games

War & Peace Games

Joshua GlennH. G. Wells’s battle against kriegspiel

Class Struggle, Inc.: An Interview with Bertell Ollman

Bertell Ollman and Sina NajafiThe rise and fall of a Marxist board game

Locus Communis

Jeff DolvenGames that make poems

It’s in the Cards

Geeta DayalFollowing Oblique Strategies

Irish Wake Amusements: An Introduction

Joanne LawsFuneral parlor games

Irish Wake Amusements

Seán Ó SúilleabháinRowdies round the coffin


Postcard / Beaten at our own game

Little do we know

Bookmark / The Philosopher’s Reaction Game

Grab and whoa