Spring 2013


Colors / Teal

Mary Walling BlackburnClass, warfare

Legend / Bouvier Carnage

Wayne KoestenbaumTransfixing the porch-girl gaze

Ingestion / Battling Over Barrels

William DeringerThe fiscal and epistemic politics of beer

Leftovers / Cephalophoric Reason

Eigil Zu Tage-RavnHead cases


Montana Monadology

Justin E. H. SmithLouis Riel in exile

Dissertation on Monads

Louis RielWhat is there? There is God. What else is there?

Saving Face

Jon CalameInto the canny valley with the emoticon

Artist Project / Hidden Mother

Laura LarsonMaternal indistinct

The Jerusalem Labyrinth

George ProchnikLose yourself

Monster Wreck

Will WilesThe Crash at Crush

Artist Project / Float

Oliver WasowLighter than air

The Science of Things That Aren’t So

George PendleIrving Langmuir and the symptoms of pathological science

There She Goes

Julia ShermanThe 1968 Miss America pageant reconsidered

Forensic Topology

Geoff ManaughThe bank burglar as urban planner


The Town Where the Dead Live

Christopher TurnerLily Dale and the rise and fall of Spiritualism

Mode of Death

Leland de la DurantayeTransient beauty

Dialogue Between Fashion and Death

Giacomo LeopardiA sisterly conversation

Sweet Kiss of Death

Mats BigertSwedish funeral candy

We Shall Not All Sleep

Catherine HansenThe life-and-death relationship of Gherasim Luca and Gellu Naum

Skin Book

Deborah LutzThe body and the page

The Metachrotic Swan Song

D. Graham BurnettThe polychromatic radiance of the dying dolphinfish

Where No Trickery Abounds

Jonathan AllenThe Broken Wand Service for deceased magicians


Artist Project: Bookmark / Loop (0–Now Ruler and Now–End Ruler)

Cevdet ErekTime, and time again

Postcard / My Son with His Great-Grandfather, 3/13/2011, 2:52 PM Japan Standard Time

Stephan Apicella-HitchcockIn passing