Spring 2005


Colors / Gray

Geoffrey O’BrienNowhere all over the place

Ingestion / Don’t Slice Ham Too Thin

Jeffrey KastnerFred Harvey and the prehistory of fast food

Inventory / Regalia

Paul LukasThe decline and fall of a ribbon empire

Leftovers / Ashes to Diamonds

Tom VanderbiltTurning grandma into a Treasured Family Heirloom™


Blocking All Lanes

Sean Dockray, Steve Rowell, and Fiona WhittonSig-Alerts, detection loops, and the management of traffic

Centripetal City

Kazys VarnelisThe myth of the network

The Artist as Volcano

Jesse LernerThe seismic imagination of Dr. Atl

The Mathematics of Paper Folding: An Interview with Robert Lang

Margaret Wertheim and Robert J. LangAdventures in computational origami

How to Make Your Own Square-Based Origami Bud

Designed by Jeannine Mosely

Artist Project / The Ted Turner Collection—Report from the Battlefield (Paper on Uccello)*

Marco MaggiDDDrawing on tradition

Do Not Mingle One Human Feeling

Joe MilutisJenny Lind and the mysteries of protophonographic notation

H & Co.

Daniel Heller-RoazenThe fate of aitch

Artist Project / Return to Sender

Robert BowenPostcards from the edge

Artist Project / Even the Trees Would Leave

H. Lan Thao Lam and Lana LinThe course of her history


Tears of Laughter

Christopher TurnerDarwin and the indeterminacy of emotions

Stimuli Eliciting Smiling and Laughing in Children at Different Ages

Incipient amusement

Artist Project / Laughter, Interrupted (Introduction)

CabinetInstruments of happiness

Artist Project / Laughter, Interrupted (Rueful)

Paul ChanStorm warning

Very Funny: An Interview with Simon Critchley

Brian Dillon and Simon CritchleyToward a philosophical history of humor

The Practitioner: An Interview with Maud Skoog Brandin

Mats Bigert and Maud Skoog BrandinLaughing without reason in Sweden

Infectious Laughter

David SerlinKuru as metaphor

Artist Project / Laughter, Interrupted (Cruel)

Lawrence WeinerCountry matters

The Art of Laughter

Jim HoltThree ways to be funny

Artist Project / Laughter, Interrupted (Malicious)

Matt FreedmanTied to the tracks

The Christian-Hegelian Comedy

Slavoj Žižek“God is dead,” and other classic one-liners

Artist Project / Laughter, Interrupted (Perverse)

Steven BrowerAstronot

Incorruptible Teeth, or, the French Smile Revolution

Colin JonesLaughter and the birth of dentistry

Wide at the Bottom, Narrow at the Top

Sasha ArchibaldKing Louis-Philippe and the pear

Artist Project / Laughter Scores

Edward JessenDirty titter, raucous snigger

No Laughing Matter

Jennifer LieseA short, sad history of the smiley face


Postcard / Yours Sincerely, Wasting Away

Michael RakowitzA letter from Paul

Bookmark / The Laff Box

Canned cackles

In Memoriam

Back Cover / The Last Laugh

Brian McMullen