Winter 2009–2010


Ingestion / The Word Made Flesh

Eigil Zu Tage-RavnThe ecstasy of the scroll eaters

Colors / Black

Paul La FargeTo see or not to see

Inventory / Cigninota

Christopher TurnerThe mark of the swan

Leftovers / Where Do Teeth Go?

Helen Denise PolsonOut of the mouths of babes


The Art of Movement

Christopher TurnerThe kinetographic charms of Rudolf von Laban

A Difficult Pancake: An Interview with Hinke Osinga and Bernd Krauskopf

Margaret Wertheim, Bernd Krauskopf, and Hinke OsingaMaking sense of the Lorenz Manifold

The Tale of the Color

Georg SimmelLittle Grülp’s search for a home

Judging a Book by Its Cover

Geoffrey BatchenTracing the form of Barthes’s Camera Lucida


Lev BratishenkoGetting spanked by INTERCAL

Artist Project / The Dreamer, or, the Adventures of a Luftmensch

Zoe BeloffAlbert Grass and the Coney Island Amateur Psychoanalytic Society

Bachelors, Snakes, and Squiggles

Aaron SchusterThe brief history of a famous literary doodle

Death and Sudden Death (After Dr. Brouardel)

Steve ReinkeSurprise endings

Artist Project / Rhapsody in Death

Lena HerzogE. J. van der Mijle’s skeleton orchestra


CabinetCabinet crushed by USPS; saved by poetry

Filing Form 3526 (Four Drafts for the Brooklyn P.O.)

Domestic Mail Manual, with Jeff DolvenA bureaucratic aufhebung


In Defense of Friendlessness

Beth BlumHatred alone is immortal

Artist Project / Guille and Belinda

Alessandra Sanguinetti

Other Self: An Interview with Angie Hobbs

Jeffrey Kastner, Sina Najafi, and Angie HobbsThe philosophies of friendship

The Friend in the Mirror

Mats BigertThe phantom limbs of relationships past

Artist Project / Group Resonance

Matti KallioinenThe tentacles of affection

Scenography of Friendship

Svetlana BoymHannah Arendt, Mary McCarthy, and anchovy paste

Speak Not, Memory

Sina NajafiA friend indeed?

Revolution in Mind

Albert MobilioThe remains of that day

Letter to an Unremembered Companion

Christine WertheimThe shape of your face, the cut of your hair

Artist Project / My K.A.P. Friends

Sabrina GschwandtnerThe kite stuff

(Face)book of the Dead

Mark DeryFriendship in the age of social networking

On the Misrecognition of Friends

D. Graham BurnettThe mytho-poetic birth of performance art

Trust Me, I’ve Never Done This Before

Richard FlemingThroat, razor, friend

Project for the Separation of Friends

Shelley JacksonAn editorial operation

A Link to Bind Where Circumstances Part

Gabriel CoxheadHands across the sea


Postcard / Brooklyn v. Beşiktaş

Brooklyn reaches out to its sister city

Bookmark / A Lender Be

Any happy returns?