Fall 2017–Winter 2018


Ingestion / The White Rabbit and His Colorful Tricks

Catherine KeyserBreakfast cereal, dietary purity, and race

Sentences / Before She Solidified

Brian DillonPossibly not dead at all

Inventory / Two Gardens in Two Books

Bennett GilbertEarly modern herbaria and the question of botanical representation

Leftovers / I Was Opened

AnonymousThe beauty of what remained


Rectangle after Rectangle

Amy Knight PowellHow the picture frame was shaped

Hegel 2.0

Leif WeatherbyThe imaginary history of ternary computing

Written on the Body

Susan ZiegerCheiro, Francis Galton, and the reading of hands

At the Sign of the Mortar and Pestle

Alyssa PelishThe persistence of mercantile emblems

Notes from the Attic

Mahan MoalemiDisplaying the material history of the CIA



CabinetSelections from The Encyclopedic Palace

The Power of Naming

Cecilia SjöholmA technology for mastering the world

Telling the Future

Steven ConnorProphecy as performance

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Two Moments from the History of Dream Illumination

Marina WarnerPerchance to better understand Drinfel'd upper half space

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Noble Unfaith and Perfect Knowledge

Amy HollywoodHadewijch and the ravishment of love

Encyclopedias before L’Encyclopédie

William N. WestThe circle of knowledge and its gaps

Giulio Camillo and the Theater of Knowledge

Lina BolzoniA mind endowed with windows

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The Deceptions of Utopia

Anthony GraftonRuse and rationality in Francis Bacon's New Atlantis

The Beast in the Bestiary

D. Graham BurnettCharles Waterton’s “Nondescript”

What Does the Melancholic Know?

Brian DillonAgonizing attention

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Paranoia, Science, and the Architectures of Delusion

Jamieson WebsterApocalypse and revelation

The Fullness of Philosophy

Sven-Olov WallensteinHegel’s devouring machine

Modeling Time

Daniel RosenbergThe ruler of history

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Theologies of Information

Chris WileyPierre Teilhard de Chardin, Ray Kurzweil, and the coming singularity


Postcard / Black Cab, Gray Matter

Knowledge and the Knowledge

Bookmark / And Then There Were None


Kiosk / Fall 2017–Winter 2018

CabinetIn the nooks and crannies