Summer 2003


The Clean Room / Domesticating the Hiroshima Maidens

David SerlinPlastic surgery after the atomic bomb

Colors / Pink

David ByrneNot so sweet after all

Leftovers / Exploring Cuba’s Sugar Bowl

Rachel KushnerThe colonial legacy of United Fruit

Ingestion / Authenticity, or, the Paradoxes of Cuisine

Allen S. WeissUnpacking a stuffed cabbage


In the Land of the Non-Buddhas

Edoardo AlbinatiA story of disappearance in the Afghani mountains

Artist Projects / Strip Mining

Emilie Clark, Michael Ross, and Julianne SwartzUnto the breach

The Importance of Being Lazy

Marina van ZuylenPaul Lafargue’s indecent proposal


Shelley JacksonAuthor announces mortal work of art

Artist Project / Stampographic Panorama

Jonathan HerderA postal fantasia

Human Rights in a Chocolate Egg

Slavoj ŽižekWelcome to the dessert of the real

Poor Like Me

Eric SchocketThe persistence of class ventriloquism


A Wing and a Prayer

Tom VanderbiltPigeons and the history of battlefield communication

These Wings Were Made for Running: An Interview with Kenneth Dial

Jay Worthington and Kenneth DialFlight as a case study in the evolution of complex anatomical structures

Through the Vaste Spaces of the Aire: An Interview with Clive Hart

Jeffrey Kastner, Sina Najafi, and Clive HartThe prehistory of heavier-than-air flight

A Directory of Heavier-Than-Air Flying Machines in Western Europe, 850 BC–AD 1783

Compiled by Clive HartReady for takeoff

Things That Cannot Be

Ronald JonesThe paradox of the upward fall

For Your Refuses

Airsickness bags from around the world

The Unfriendly Skies

Jay WorthingtonBalloons and the origins of military aviation

Artist Project / Untitled

Roger AnderssonThe ecstasies of the huffers

Bombs Away: An Interview with Sven Lindqvist

Mats Bigert and Sven LindqvistThe history of civilian bombardment

Looking Down

Albert MobilioThe God’s-eye view of the aerial photograph

Jealousy: Modern Architecture and Flight

Eric BungeThe airplane and the modern conscience of urbanism

The Mile High Club

David SerlinDummies go down

CD Insert / Lift

BDF, Yuri Gagarin, rx:tx, Voice of the Liberation of Iraq, Marina Rosenfeld, Henning Christiansen, Christina Kubisch, Gordon Monahan, and AibaAirborne audio

Artist Project / Flight Paths

Hans WilschutSkywritten

Inflationary Models

Sasha ArchibaldBalloons in fashion

Artist Project / On the Wing

Nedko SolakovUplifting words

For the Birds: An Interview with Bill Lishman

Sara Harris and Bill LishmanFather Goose and his whooping cranes

The Bull Rider and the Ballerina

Mary Walling BlackburnToward a taxonomy of falling

Unlimited Edition / No Fly Zone

Lee BorosonTurn flying fauna into food with the recipes in this box


Artist Project: Front Flap / Promotional Supplement for “Flying-Practical Training for Intermediates”

Luca BuvoliGetting your wings

Artist Project: Back Flap / Homeless (#2)

Ester PartegàsItinerant view

Artist Project: Postcard / Boeing 747-400

Andrea LeggeAloft

Postcard / Arguably Incompatible State Prides

Brian McMullen and Steven VillerealWho gets the Wrights?


Richard MasseyRunway model